The first time I met NY I was landing at the JFK where I dutifully stood in line at the customs control: “Okay, they just ask you what are you doing in the States and take your fingerprints, I can do that,” I thought.

“Neeeext” cried the female cop, all stocky and plump in her dark blue uniform: it was my turn. She pointed to the booth number 12.

“Good Morning”

“Documents” (“ok, he doesn’t want to have a conversation”, I thought). I gave my passport and the student visa documents to the big man sitting behind the glass.

Then he gave me back my italian passport saying “Welcome back home.”

I was standing like an idiot in front of the most obvious thing in the world: it was my first time in New York with an Italian passport never used before, stamps free and still immaculate, my first time at the JFK and the big man left me with a smiling “Welcome back.”

There, my friends, I had another proof that I am pursuing the right goal: moving to New York and live Her.

No, it is not a coincidence that the name of this project is “Moving INTo New York” and not “moving to New York”. My goal is something more than a just a different mail address, it’s living a city with a fascinating soul that, if you’re lucky, will decide to give you a chance :).

Anyway when you want something so much, you have to be mature and patient enough to wait for the right time.

In the meantime, I wish you a good journey in this my new experience!

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Hi there! 

I am a 26 year old Italian girl with a lot of ideas in her mind.

I love travelling because I’m a very curious person: I like to discover customs, colors and flavors of every place I visit and the history of the people I meet.

I love photography and technology. I’m still experiencing my camera, recently purchased Nikon D5000, but I also like to follow photographic exhibitions.

Photography is not just the simple transposition of an image on film, but the result of how a specific eye can show his way of seeing the world, it’s exciting!

Moving on, I’m really interested in the concept and development of innovation in every field: I’m really charmed by every kind of technology’s employment in products that can excite, involve and change people’s experiences.

I also spend my time reading and writing: one of my favorite authors are Oriana Fallaci (I have a journalistic vein pulsing in my heart) and Banana Yoshimoto, Adam Gopnik and Vittorio Zucconi, but also Sophie Kinsella for those “free brain” days.

I am passionate about musicdrawing (I usually test myself with pointillism) and cinema (not just movies): I think I could spend hours in a theater watching commercials 🙂

After the master’s graduation in business management I left Rome after six years of deep affection and started the crazy and enthusiastic project of Moving INTO New York!

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