Amazing aerial views of the city

When I find a really nice picture on the internet, I usually spend some time looking for more information about it. That’s how I discovered Tim Sklyarov.

My name is Tim and I’m graphic designer, photography enthusiast and aspiring runner currently residing in the capital of the Planet Awesome – New York City. This website is my personal playground for sharing my artwork, photography and personal ramblings with the world.” (from his personal website).

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-1

So I was heading to Las Vegas for a business meeting the other day and was lucky enough to sit on a right side of the plane — did some quick tilt-shift aerial photos of New York. Nothing super special, but gives some sense of how many skyscrapers are there on the island of Manhattan”

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-2

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-3

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-4


For you who are not familiar with New York City geography — right in the middle is Downtown Manhattan(where the Wall Street is). Right below there are two bridges – iconic Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite Manhattan Bridge. […] That thin strip of land squeezed between Manhattan and Queens is my least favorite part of the city — Roosevelt Island.”

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-5

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-6

Moving INTO New York - new-york-city-aerial-8

Moving INTO New York - NYC-Aerial-07I’ve loved these aerial views, anyway Tim lives and loves New York, so you’ll fine several other albums about New York on his website, like:

New York at Night

Moving INTO New York - NewYorkLights-1New York through the eyes of a road bicycle 


Moving INTO New York -People-on-the-Streets-of-NYC_27