An Iconic MetroCard

There are a lot of iconic things in New York: the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State Building… But also something very popular, valueless and small can represent a City like NY and VAHRAM MURATYAN knows it.

In his book “Paris versus New York, a talk of two story“, the graphic artist Muratyan compares every iconic aspect of New York with its equivalent of Paris.



The project started online with the blog and become a book in 2012. In a first time two covers were proposed: the white one for the American market and the yellow one for the European market. At the end of 2012 they also launched the integral version.


The work of Muratyan is as creative as original, in fact he chose other interesting iconic things like a drink, bread vs bagel, the high line, the airport, the buildings…


… and even a small, popular thing like the Subway ticket