Chatting with a friend in front of a raspberry smoothie

In a scene of my favorite movie, “The legend of 1900“, they say that a man will never be poor as far as he has a story to tell. Yesterday I understood the meaning of this quote.

I was eating a raspberry smoothie with my friend Cetti,when she asked me about my family. Do you remember when you were kids? The typical first conversations you used to have with new friends? I used to tell them about my parents’ jobs, the games I liked to play and the Barbies I had. But the more I grew up and the more I notice how the conversations with people just met change. In fact Cetti and I have been friends for almost four years, but yesterday we realized I hadn’t ever talked to her about the big story behind my family.

The story of my family is a kind of tv show with schemes, fights, deaths and love… and I was smiling looking at the enraptured look of my friend while I was telling about how my mom and dad felt in love. Telling a story is a powerfull tool, because it let you make people and feellings to live again, people that are here no more and feelings that have been burried by too many misunderstood events.

While going on describing the story of my parents, my friend kept commenting “this is love”. And it was, and in a kind of way it will always be.

My dad and my mom are no longer together because she passed away a few years ago and now he is living a new relationship with a woman I really like her, because she takes care of my dad and loves both my sister and me. Anyway,  It’s always a kind of consolation when my dad tells me that my mom was and will always be the love of his life.

Life isn’t easy and love is even more complicated. One of the things I learned from my parents is that love is never enough, even if it is true deep love. You need to work hard on your relationship, built it day by day with trust in yourself and your partner, being a team and never compete one against each other… and it’s really difficult to remember all of these during the everyday life.

Mom, dad, this is for your Love…

{“Tornerò”, this is my parents’ song}

What about you? What about your parents? Have you been lucky enough to find the love of your life… and most important, have you been courage enough to fight for it?


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