Citi Bike: all you need to know

The Bike Sharing in finally arrived in New York: here it is all you need to know about Citi Bike.


  1. BUY THE PASS: You can buy a pass in any Citi Bike station. (A $101 security hold will be placed on your credit or debit card for every pass you purchase)
  2. PRINT YOUR RIDE CODE at the kiosk (You’ll have to type this code for every new bike you want to unlock, instead Annual Members will just have to dip their key to ride again)
  3. ADJUST THE SEAT POST up or down for a more comfortable ride and use the from basket for your bag and YOU’RE READY TO GO!

You can choose between THREE DIFFERENT KIND OF PASSES:


Just two last ADVICES:

  1. Wait two minutes between rides for the system to process your return and prepare for your next trip
  2. Find locations using a station map or download the Citi Bike app (coming soon!)
  3. If a station is FULL just select “Request Time Credit” at the kiosk. You will have 15 minutes added to your ride time at no charge. Select “Find Nearby Stations” on the start screen of the kiosk to find a neighboring station with available docks.