Creativity in Union Square

Union Square is a place full of energy. Probably it’s because there’s the NYU (New York University) right there and the square absorbs all the energies, hopes and pains of those young people who attend or would like to attend the University.


Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it is Sunday or Wednesday, summer or winter, you will always find something happening in Union Square.

Last Sunday, for example, I was walking on 4th street…


… and then found my self on 14th street.


Going around something caught my attention: a big red-black-white painting.


Actually I’m looking for something nice to decorate my room and that painting was really really beautiful (even big, but I didn’t care about the  return flight problem). I approached the painter and asked him some prices, but they were too expensive to me.

The small ones were $20,00/each and the bigger one $200 (if I don’t remember wrong). Way too expensive for my poor wallet.

Anyway I couldn’t stop looking at them so I talked to the painter and asked him “What’s your favorite?”. I liked his answer so much that I decided to record and share it with you in the video below.



I love people from Cuba, I don’t know why but I just like them and especially this artist gave me a sense of serenity. And most of all I loved and still love his work. The idea behind it is so original and unique, but in the same time simple and genuine that I can’t stop thinking about his paintings.

Of course I’m not an art expert, but I just know what I like and, sometimes, art to me is just what makes me feel something deep. In this case I thought that even the white on his canvas has a deep meaning!



If you are not an art lover don’t worry, usually there are different things to do and see in Union Square. On the same day, for example, there was a free tango lesson too!


Then, if you don’t like art and neither dancing you can just walk around the square, look for squirrels or flowers or whatever you like…





… At the end of the day just remember to enjoy a cheap dinner at Whole Foods. It’s a supermarket with different stores in Manhattan, but the one in Union Square is special, in fact the dining room on the second floor has an incredible (free) view on the Square and the Empire State Building.