Flying over Herald Square

Have you ever wished to be a bird and enjoy the view of New York while you are circling above Her? If you believe in Hinduism you could hope to come back as a sparrow or a pigeon, but in the meantime you have another option: technology.

I’m talking about nice and cool videos realized to show aerial views of New York, just like “Flying over Herald Square”, a short movie realized by Refractive Films, a multimedia production company based in New York. Their aim is to raise “new questions, create possibilities, and show things in a new angle to satisfy a thirst for creativity”.

Speaking of new angles, Refractive Films realized a 60 seconds movie recording an eye-bird view of Herald Square, the one between Broadway and 6th Avenue, just in front of the famous Macy’s.


I suppose it was recorded during a windy Sunday morning because the square is almost empty and there are just a few taxi on the streets. Lucky choice I guess, because everything helps to create a very peaceful atmosphere.

Enjoy the video clicking on the image below.

Flying over Herald Square