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There are several ways to discover New York while you are in town. As I always say my favorite one is walking, just going around and walk losing your self in the city. But if you are worried about getting tired you could take buses or trains and taxis with the risk of loosing a lot of picturesque details. The solution? Bikes! This is probably one of the reasons that made Bloomberg decide to promote City Bike, the bike sharing service.

I also find something romantic in bikes, probably because they are part of NY’s culture. Watch the video below for an example: this is Edwin DeLaRosa.

Edwin DeLaRosa riding his bike  in New York city

Edwin DeLaRosa riding his bike in New York city

“Born in Panama, Edwin’s family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when he was 3 years old. X Games television coverage introduced him to BMX, and his 13th birthday brought him his first BMX bike. The new wheels gave him freedom to explore the city, and he began developing his skills on the harsh elements of the urban environment. Edwin eventually ditched the complex and annoying brakes that came with his bike and steadily built a local reputation as a hot up-and-coming rider.”

New York city has a playground that is the best, it’s a kind of endless: you’ll never know what you’re gonna see.”  Edwin DeLaRosa.

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Another relationship is the one between Cops and bikes, an old one:

Getting a ticket, 1900

Getting a ticket, 1900
photo from

Photo from

Cops on Bikes
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But can you imagine riding your bike on the Brooklyn Bridge? Or on Broadway looking for the Empire State Building? This is what I mean when I say that biking in New York is romantic and pure inspiration, as It has been for Tom Olesnevich: “During the spring of 2012 I sought to capture and highlight the best of what riding my bicycle in NYC looks like and means to me. This, then, is my love letter to NYC.”

The American sports photographer Tom Olesnevich used a bike-mounted camera: the photos were taken using an upside-down camera, attached to Tom’s bike with a tripod, and triggered using an infrared remote.

Photo by American sports photographer Tom Olesnevich

Photo by American sports photographer Tom Olesnevich

You can find the 20 photos gallery-letter here.


Going around, to work, discovering the city, playing with friends… For any use there’s a different bike and New Yorker knows it. If you are going to New York think about riding a bike or even buy one: which better place to try your knew bike but New York? And if you are worried about transportation (for example if you travel by airplane), consider a a folding bike. About it, I just discovered NYCeWheels, a group of experts trying different bikes all around New York.

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 But be careful and try to be update about rules and events about biking thanks to

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