Let me introduce you the next step: Moving INTO London

Almost one year ago I was in front of this same computer, creating this website.

A lot of things have happened in the meantime: my job research, receiving a job offer and saying “thanks, but no thanks” because I had another project in my mind. I needed to work on my self.

And I did, even thanks to Moving INTO New York. I first moved to New York with a touristic VISA. I met people, had some job interviews, took a lot of pictures, ate some Sprinkles cupcakes and walked walked walked.

New York helped me to observe everything from so many simultaneous prospectives that I finally got the point: the big picture, my path.

Then I had to leave the U.S.A., I had to say goodbye to my Home. But just goodbye. In my big picture New York still has a big big role, but sometimes when you want something so much you need to wait for the right time.

And right now it’s not our time, New York. It’s like when you meet someone, you fall in love, but you’re not ready to merry him. Anyway, the next step of my big plan is London.

Yep, for the first time in my entire life I’ll be a honored guest of Queen Elizabeth II. Can you imagine me in London? I’m excited, curious, hungry and calm all at the same time.

Hope that all of you -Dear New York Lovers-  will be patient enough to keep supporting my crazy journey that – believe it or not, sooner or later – will bring me Home to New York.  Hope that all of you will be open minded enough to turn the page of my story and follow me while Moving INTO London.


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