My way to work


When I was in Rome, the largest Italian city I have ever lived, getting to my University took me 40 minutes by tram. When I was in New York it took me 20 minutes by tube from my home in the Upper West Side to Midtown.

So I’m not used to long distance daily trip, but as they say there is a first time for everything. Now that I live in London it takes me 1hour and 40 minutes to get to work.

From my place, in West London, post code W5, I have several options to get to Bankside (in Southwark borough), but the one I prefer is probably not the fastest one.

According to the official website of Transport of London, I have two fast different routes, 1 hour 10 minutes each circa.


The only problem with these solutions is that they do not know ME.

First of all, I like reading while in the train and, consequently, I hate changing trains.

Second of all, if you want to read in peace in the train, you seriously need a seat and London trains are always too crowded in the morning. The perfect solution for me is going to Ealing Broadway where another Central line train terminates and it means that in the morning every 15 minutes a train gets in the station and gets empty to leave again and I have a guaranteed seat every morning.


Third and last thing, I love bridges. Getting to St Paul’s tube station instead that Southwark, I find myself in front of the amazing St Paul’s cathedral and then I have to cross the Millennium Bridge, which is amazing because it’s a pedestrian bridge with the Tower Bridge and the Strand on the left and the East Side on the right, with seagulls flying peacefully all over you, in front of the Tate Modern… It’s a 5 minute walk over the bridge and my daily Good morning to London.

As for everything else in life, even deciding how to get to work is a matter of priorities. Half an hour more or less of sleep is a personal decision and when it comes to me, everyday, I prefer to get up 30 minutes early and enjoy my reading, St Paul’s view and the energy that the Millennium Bridge gives me every single time I cross it.

Of course, then, the perfume of men’s cologne of the “walking suits” that work in Bank (the tube station after St Paul’s) is just the icing on the cake!