The best cupcakes in New York!

Before coming to New York I was used to watch the TV show “Sex and the City” and others taking notes of all the restaurants and other places where Carry went out with her friends. One of the these spot was a bakery, “Magnolia Bakery” famous for its cupcakes.

So when I came last year to New York I directly went to the Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side. I asked for a pistachio cupcake and a bottle of tea, settled down and taste the… worst cupcake I ever had! Right, the worst: it was dry, burnt and tasteless. Just because I’m a honest person, I decided to try another one, the typical red velvet cupcake just for giving another chance to Magnolia, but unfortunately I definitely had to vote it down.

And then? Then I had to find the best cupcake of New York and tried a lot until I found it! It was a Sprinkles cupcake!

I seriously dream about these cupcakes when I’m out of town and as soon as I come back  I literally go (actually I run) to Sprinkles cupcakes!

The store in New York is on Lexington Avenue (Upper East Side) at 61st street. (There are then other locations in the U.S.A., for example Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and others).

You can’t miss the store because of its window: a triumph of circles and colors, the design that makes every Sprinkles cupcake recognizable!



Follow the stars path (yes, Hollywood style) and if you’re lucky and there are not many people you can just go near to the window and choose your flavor:

15-07-13 - 35


The price is $3,50 for the classic size, but there are the small ones too (but I don’t know the price, anyway you could try more flavors with different minis). Let me say that my favorite is the one and only: the red velvet, anyway they are all fantastic!

You can also request (or simply buy) cupcakes for a special event:

15-07-13 - 27

You can decide to take the cupcakes with you or stay in the store and eat there. It’s not too big, but there’s room enough for some nice Sprinkles’ style tables and, most of all, you can use the dishes and forks they’ll give you.


15-07-13 - 30

Take some time to relax and taste the cream of the Sprinkles cupcakes. As I already said I love the red velvet, especially for the cheese cream on the top: these are seriously the best cupcakes in New York! Sit whenever you prefer, maybe even next to the window and enjoy the view of Lexington avenue trough the circles of Sprinkles cupcakes…


New York won’t ever seem so beautiful and sweet to you as when you’ll have taste your Sprinkles cupcake!