Where is New York?

Probably it will sound to you as a stupid question. Where is New York?

What if I ask you: what’s the relation between New York and Manhattan?

If you know the answer, fine, but there are a lot of people who doesn’t.

I was having dinner with a friend of mine. She is not really into New York, but has watched a lot of movies, heard me talking about Her. I was telling my friend about the apartment I rented in Brooklyn and the one I rented later in Manhattan, when she asked me “Is Brooklyn a city far or near to New York?”.

That’s when I understood something wasn’t clear. I deeply love New York and like to talk to other people who feels the same, but sometimes I think that someone thinks about New York just as Manhattan. So wrong.

These are the reasons why I created the following video: Where is New York? What is New York?

Click on the image below to watch it and enjoy!!!

movinginto newyork - where is new york


In the meantime, here there are the main steps you need to get it:


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