White Collar: a professional thief working for the FBI

For some people life is a lunapark, a videogame. They don’t respect rules, just play their own game. This is the case of Neal Caffrey, a really good expert thief. But when Neal is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI, he makes a deal with agent Peter Burke: a work-release program. Caffrey will work with the white collar section of the FBI as a consultant in exchange of probation.

For more information visit the official webpage  and watch the video below: the first 3 minutes of Season I, Episode 1.


What about New York?

White Collar is filmed in the City, so in every episode you will see a lot of Her. Streets, buildings, restaurants, parks. 

Indeed every main character (Neal and his friend Mozzie, agent Peter Burke and his wife Elizabeth) loves New York, so they often talk about the city: history, people, culture.

How much New York is in White Collar? 8/10