You’re looking at 500 subway tickets

In New York there are about 8 million people, over 650 subway stations and around 4 million subway riders per day. Ca you imagine how many useless MetroCards a day become trash? Fortunately there are people like Nina Boesch who are able to see trash as potential art.


Nina Boesch is a New York based graphic designer and artist.  Born in 1978 in Germany, she moved to New York and more than 10 years ago, in 2002 begun to create collages from used and expired MetroCards.


“The motifs I choose are directly linked to the city scenes that inspire me: landmarks, portraits, objects, people, architecture, you name it. I estimate that, over the years, I have cleared the subway stations of 50,000 used cards in order to create my artworks. Most of my artworks contain between 25 and 500 tickets. 


The front of the MetroCard is yellow, orange, blue and black, while the back varies in color but usually includes black and white advertising. This rather limited color palette gives my body of work a very distinct look and feel, while it still allows me to create any motif that comes to mind” the artist said to betterymagazine.


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